Hundreds of super creepy witch etchings have been found at Creswell Crags, a limestone gorge, in England. According to the Derbyshire Times, the markings appear to have been meant to ward off evil spirits or omens. 

Now referred to as the “Portal To Hell,” the new discovery is now the largest collection of witch markings found in the entire UK. The markings appear in nine of the 30 caves on the site.

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“The marks appear to have been added to over time and may indicate a need to strengthen the protection in response to a period of unexpected sickness, death or poor crops,” Alison Fearn, an expert on protective marks, says. “The caves were excavated by archaeologists during the 19th century and in the process, widened. This may account for why some surfaces feature no marks and might suggest that there were originally an even greater number.”

While the gorge itself has been around for 60,000 years, the markings appear to have been etched in its walls since the 17th or 18th century.

Check out the Creswell Crags’ video of their findings below.

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