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Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited witch and self-described “Oracle Of Los Angeles” Amanda Yates Garcia on his show to talk about what she does, and starting off the interview, it’s obvious he’s not actually interested in learning more about his guest, and when she brings up serious topics affecting the nation, it clearly throws him off.

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In the interview, his first move is to jump into stereotypes, asking her about “newt of eye” being an actual ingredient, which she promptly responds by saying is an invention by Shakespeare.

However, she isn’t shy to bring up the points that they should be talking about: Nuclear war, removing DACA, student debt and more.

“I think the real problem is not whether or not eye of newt is an actual ingredient,” Garcia said. “The real problem is we’re about to have some kind of big nuclear extravaganza with North Korea. The real problem is that we’re punishing immigrant children. The real problem is that we’re causing students to go into deep debt. I don’t think the real problem is whether or not we use eye of newt in our spells.” 

He proceeds to ask what kind of magic supplies she uses and what evil she’s spreading into the world, which also quickly backfires. She explains that the witches do what they do out of the pureness of their heart in an effort to make the country a better place.

“A lot of people ask whether or not I worry about the supernatural consequences of what I’m doing. I trust that what I’m doing is for the greatest good of all concerned because that’s what I hold in my heart,” Garcia says. “That’s what all these witches are doing this for. They have the pure intention of creating good in the world to make a more beautiful, loving, whole, healthy world. That’s the intention, so nobody’s worried that it’s going to backfire on them because nobody is doing this spell to cause Trump harm.”

According to AOL, tens of thousands of witches cast a binding spell once a month to help protect the world from Trump's actions.

Watch the interview below:

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