Even though Michael Bohn denied rumors for a Woe, Is Me reunion tour, Tyler Carter doesn’t seem to be letting go of that prospect just yet.

In March, Carter sent fans into a frenzy when he revived his former band’s Instagram page. Once live, he posted the Number(s) album art with the caption “Comment if Number[s] meant something to you? What were you doing in 2010, and did it help you through that time in your life? Comment your favorite lyrics!”

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Number(s) was the band’s debut album released Aug. 30, 2010 through Rise Records. It’s the only album to feature the original lineup.

He continued to post to the account five more times, the last photo being March 23.

Fans began to speculate the possibility of a reunion tour, but they were quickly shot down when Bohn took to Twitter to state, “I will not be doing any sort of reunion at all! I’m not gonna get people’s hopes up and fill them with misleading info! You couldn’t pay me to do a woe is me reunion and that’s that!”

Tyler Carter on the possibility of a Woe, Is Me reunion tour

In a recent interview with The Noise, Carter revealed his reason for reactivating Woe, Is Me’s Instagram account.

“I feel like [Woe, Is Me] had a pretty nice legacy going on with Number(s), and I felt like there was really no place on the internet or like a social media account to reminisce that era,” he says. “At its peak with Number(s), I felt like that should have a place on the internet.

“If we were to do a 10-year anniversary of Number(s), it would have to be next fall,” Carter continues. “And there’s really no other chance we would get if we were going to do it. Obviously, Michael has obviously shut down rumors of that on the internet, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t see something happening next year.”

He goes on to explain that a 10-year anniversary would be the only time to share Woe, Is Me with future generations.

“I feel like you can’t do [an anniversary] 10 years after that because by then people will have moved on,” he elaborates. “I don’t think people will remember. The next generation isn’t going to be bred on Woe, Is Me. So next year is really the only chance that you would ever be able to do it. And if we were going to, I would want the social media [accounts] to start growing now. So that we would have a platform to promote it and stuff.”

Above all, Carter just wants to leave a strong legacy behind.

“A lot of people are like, ‘Why would you do that? You’re just trying to get money,’” he says. “It’s like, ‘Dude, you think I’m not going to make money between now and next fall? You’re fucking crazy.’ This has nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with there was a legacy that people really still cling to, to this day. And I feel like we should honor that.”

What are your thoughts on Woe, Is Me possibly doing a ten-year anniversary tour? Let us know in the comments below!

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