Woe, Is Me


This review originally ran in AP 293.

Woe, Is Me’s aptly titled sophomore full-length not only marks a new beginning for the band sonically, but also the arrival of four new members, as well. The duo of Hance Alligood and Doriano Magliano are tackling the vocal duties: Alligood’s voice is strong and focused (don’t expect the R&B-styled croon of ex-Woe vocalist Tyler Carter), while Magliano’s screams are more of a throat-shearing yelp. The choruses are wide and melodic and have more in common with A Day To Remember than Emarosa (“With Our Friend[s] Behind Us”), while the verses dig into Periphery territory with high-gain breakdowns and Magliano’s raw wail on top (“I’ve Told You Once”). At times, the album follows the post-hardcore rulebook word-for-word with super-tight production and sing-scream dynamics, yet it simultaneously showcases a competent band who know their niche. Tracks like “Call It Like You See It” and “I Came I Saw I Conquered” rip by quickly, but showcase everyone’s talents while cutting any filler. If nothing else, Genesi[s] shows that Woe is still solid as a rock, despite a changing of the guard.

Velocity/Rise http://www.riserecords.com

"Call It Like You See It"