We already established that not all women sound like Hayley Williams with our look into unique-sounding frontwomen within 2000s alternative music. So, given the generalized diversification of the genre throughout the 2010s, we shouldn't need to drive that point home again, right?

That said, last time the dynamic range present in women's vocal styles proved to be nothing short of astounding. Now, with frontwomen popping up with increased frequency over the last decade, the effect is only magnified. So, you guessed it, we've decided to once again isolate the vocalists who we find most distinct.

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Here are 10 women who brought a unique sound to 2010s alternative music with their vocal talents.

Lynn Gunn (PVRIS)

It's actually hard to imagine that we haven't spent decades listening to Lynn Gunn's heavenly vocals. However, PVRIS only debuted on the alternative scene in 2013, releasing their first full-length, White Noise, the following year. Though the band had their early foundations in metalcore, they shifted considerably prior to their mainstream success. Given how successfully Gunn has lent her voice to post-hardcore, pop-rock and everything in between, though, we can only imagine that she would have killed it in that early genre as well.

 Su-metal (BABYMETAL)

BABYMETAL certainly wowed us with their feature on Bring Me The Horizon's "Kingslayer" in 2020. But don't think for a second that Su-metal hasn't been making waves in alternative music for the better part of the last decade. Dishing out kawaii-style metal vocals with incredible range, she proves herself as a standout singer against the broader scene.

Teddy Geiger (teddy<3)

Even if you didn't already know Teddy Geiger by name, you've definitely heard her contributions to music—both within the alternative realm and beyond. She's been active since the mid-2000s, notably contributing her vocal talents to soundtrack The Rocker. But she's risen in prominence over the last decade through songwriting and production for artists as iconic as Shawn Mendes5 Seconds Of Summer and Maroon 5. Putting forth her own brand of eclectic, alternative pop-rock under the moniker teddy<3, she exudes confidence through soft, sentimental vocal displays and roaring ballads alike.

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Chrissy Costanza (Against The Current)

Against The Current have been breathing fresh energy into alternative rock since their debut in 2014. Propelled by Chrissy Costanza's soaring, radio-ready vocal displays, the band explore what seems like every facet of their broader genre. Grittier than pop-rock but refined beyond the (largely subjective) boundaries of pop punk, they truly seem to exist in a world of their own.

Amy Love (Nova Twins)

Nova Twins may have only released their debut full-length, Who Are The Girls?, in 2020, but they've been stoking the fire since their emergence in 2015. While both members of the duo contribute vocals, it's Amy Love who fronts the majority. It's not particularly surprising that her stylistic range is so expansive. After all, the band have made a name for themselves in eclecticism. But when you listen to it actively, your jaw will hit the floor upon hearing her seamless transitions between rap, poppy hooks, riot grrrl energy and more.

Ellie Rowsell (Wolf Alice)

Without a doubt, you probably remember exactly where you were when you first heard Ellie Rowsell's voice. While Wolf Alice are a force to be reckoned with in their own right, it's her volatile vocal performances that really set them apart. From breathy, free-flowing deliveries to anthemic displays fit for stadiums, there's no stylistic stone left unturned.

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Jenna McDougall (Tonight Alive)

Even in a 2010s pop-punk lineup, Jenna McDougall's voice is unmistakable. The Tonight Alive frontwoman might as well have been plucked from the '80s pop-rock scene with all the power she has behind those pipes. Don't think for a second that she's limited in scope to punk-rock ferocity, though. The band took on Mumford & Sons’ “Little Lion Man” with such elegance that the rendition may have even beat out the original.

Bishop Briggs

We're straying into some vastly different territory here. But that's precisely the point. Bishop Briggs has been putting a soulful, indie-rock spin on alternative music since she put out "River" in 2016. And her commanding, far-reaching vocals are the main attraction. Even in Simlish, her voice remains nothing less than captivating.

Samantha Gongol (Marian Hill)

There isn't a soul who didn't instantly fall in love with Marian Hill's "Down" the first time they caught it on the radio. That's for good reason. The track, like the rest of the duo's discography, jumps seamlessly between different, and fascinating, experimental styles. But they're all pulled together by Samantha Gongol's silvery vocal displays. Don't think you've heard it all after one track, though. Her style, never lacking in nuance, is just as dynamic as the instrumentals that back her.

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Julien Baker

It should come as no surprise that prominent alternative artists such as Anthony Green are taking an interest in Julien Baker's vocal brilliance. The solo artist has been wowing the world with haunting, emo-laced alternative rock since she dropped Sprained Ankle in 2015. She has a delicate quality to her voice, which serves as a striking contrast against her angsty anthems.

Which women do you think are bringing the most unique sounds to alternative music? Let us know in the comments!