The 2019 summer of peace and music continues to go the way of bell-bottoms and tie-dye, as the Woodstock 50 celebration loses another bid for a venue.

The festival was denied again by its desired destination, and their partnered production company has also thrown in the towel.

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Virgin Produced, the consulting company that worked with the Woodstock revival, has officially ended its partnership with the festival.

Billboard shared a statement that Virgin Produced has "officially concluded its consulting role with respect to the company and the proposed festival."

"Given that the attempt to secure permits with the Town of Vernon, NY and related state agencies has been finally denied, Virgin Produced has concluded its advisory mandate and terminated its services agreement. Virgin Produced, and its CEO Jason Felts, wish Woodstock all the best in its future endeavors," the statement reads.

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The news of Virgin's withdrawal arrived soon after the festival was denied a permit for the third time. The Vernon, NY town planning board came to the decision last night, opting to once again deny the permit.

A local New York reporter for WFXV shared video of the board's meeting on Twitter shortly following the decision.

"BREAKING NEWS—The Vernon Town Planning Board votes to side with the Town Codes Department’s denial of #Woodstock50’s permit applications. #WUTR #WFXV," the tweet reads.

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"Listen to this—Principal to #Woodstock50 Greg Peck says “we are reapplying in the morning” just moments after #Woodstock’s appeal was denied. Tonight, the Vernon Town Planning Board sided with the Town Codes Department’s denial of a permit—>this is what was appealed. #WUTR," the tweet reads.

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The festival looks to begin Aug. 16, leaving a little under a month for organizers to find a new home.

What do you think of the Woodstock 50 denial? Sound off in the comments below!

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