There are blatant ways a band can wear its influences (think cover songs and copycat designs), but there's a subtler method that gets the point across to those in the know. We're talking about songs where an old familiar lyric (or title, in a few cases) is snuck in there. Think of them as the Easter eggs of music, and we've compiled a dozen of them below.

BORROWING PARTY: Jimmy Eat World — "Kill"

BORROWED LYRIC: "Like your favorite Heatmiser song goes/It's just like being alone"

SOURCE: Heatmiser - "Half Right"

BORROWING PARTY: Crime In Stereo — "I Stole This For You"

BORROWED LYRIC: "Now we're all former friends/Treated like guests in our very own home/As we stare and wonder/How someone so young/Could get any dumber than you"

SOURCE: Milhouse - "Welcome Back Fucker"

BORROWING PARTY: Texas Is The Reason — "Back And To The Left"

BORROWED LYRIC: "I will always worry about you/I will always stick up for you"

SOURCE: Gameface - "Three"

BORROWING PARTY: Gameface — "Laughable"

BORROWED LYRIC: "It costs so much/I know/But I guess I need to know/What it would have felt like/To be right"

SOURCE: Texas Is The Reason - "Back And To The Left"

BORROWING PARTY: No Warning — "Short Fuse"

BORROWED LYRIC: "Everybody knows/Everybody talks/Everybody sees/But no one's saying nothing"

SOURCE: Oasis - "My Big Mouth"

BORROWING PARTY: Emmure — "R2 Deepthroat"

BORROWED LYRIC: "I bet you think this song is about you/Don't you"

SOURCE: Carly Simon - "You're So Vain"

BORROWING PARTY: Ace Enders And A Million Different People — "When I Hit The Ground"

BORROWED LYRIC: "Just come down/I'm always around/So if you fall down/I'm always around"

SOURCE: Days Away - "Stay The Same"

BORROWING PARTY: Head Automatica — "The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet"

BORROWED LYRIC: "I see the smoke and fire/And the market burning down"

SOURCE: The Mothers Of Invention - "Trouble Comin' Every Day"

BORROWING PARTY: The Forecast — "Kisses"

BORROWED LYRIC "It's just a quiet evening/With Lifetime playing"

SOURCE: Lifetime - "Just A Quiet Evening"

BORROWING PARTY: Motionless In White — "Puppets (The First Snow)"

BORROWED LYRIC: "I've never had the words to say/But I can quote them all/I am human and I need to be loved/Just like everybody else does/So, Morrissey please sing me to sleep (sing me to sleep)/As I live and breathe/You have killed me/You have killed me"

SOURCE: The Smiths - "How Soon Is Now?" // The Smiths - "Asleep" // Morrissey - "You Have Killed Me"

BORROWING PARTY: The Promise Ring — "Things Just Getting Good"

BORROWED LYRIC: "The big bright lights take Manhattan/And I take to Berlin"

SOURCE: The Big Bright Lights - “Take Manhattan”

BORROWING PARTY: The Hold Steady — "We Can Get Together"

BORROWED LYRIC: "There's a girl on heaven hill/I come up to her cabin still"

SOURCE: Hüsker Dü, "The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill"