Wrongchilde, solo project of Kill Hannah frontman Mat Devine, announced the creation of "Falling In Love Will Kill You," his duet with former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way (who announced his solo signing today) last February while he was in the studio. After more than a year, today he launches his PledgeMusic campaign for his upcoming LP Gold Blooded, which also features collaborations with Morgan Kibby of M83, Sierra Kusterbeck of Versa and more.

For an early taste of what is in store for this project, you can stream his collaboration with Way, which originally was supposed to feature a female voice but changed at Way's suggestion to try something new.

"It was Gerard who had the vision to take a chance on it as two guys," Devine says. "The producer totally agreed, and the minute Gerard started singing, we knew it could be no other way.  We all got chills. I’m so insanely lucky that he was in LA at the time, and that he was so cool and generous with his time and voice."


About "Falling In Love Will Kill You:"

"My writing process normally involves a lot of technology or playing something odd on my piano with both my pointer fingers like a moron. This song came from an active decision to play full chords on an acoustic like a normal person.

I loved the relationship of the D to F# minor, and after that, when the song started going in a traditional, almost country-esque direction I just let it.  I just felt like a sad old man just hanging alone in an old rail car or something.

Lyrically it’s about how helpless we are to control our hearts.  The first time I was ever in love, I went so hardcore into it… then it imploded. When I finally recovered, and to this day… I ask myself, "Do I even want to be in love again?” 'cause it seems to come served with a side order 'Oh fuck, this person can destroy me.'" —Mat Devine

Head to the Wrongchilde PledgeMusic page to make your pledge, which grants you an immediate download of this song.

Also, check out those pledge packages. For $1,000,000 you can bear Mat Devine's child, or for $5,000,000 you can make Devine disappear forever and become him. We're not kidding. If procreation or banishing people to lives of secrecy and taking their identities isn't your thing, but you're able to spend a bit of money, "Falling In Love Will Kill You" is being pressed on limited edition heart-shaped vinyl and is available in the $100 package.