WWE NXT's Women's Champion Bayley breaks down her journey to the championship at Aftershock Festival 2015. 

She says that the experience still feels surreal to her as she commends her competitors. 

"I always told myself, 'I want to make WWE history,' but I actually did! Nobody can ever take that away from me.15 years from now, Sasha [Banks] and I are going to be a part of history. We'll always have our spot...no matter what." 

She talks about taking inspiration from her idol Lita, who performed during the early-2000s, and how she's following a similar trajectory of not compromising who she is and being herself through her journey. 

She also talks about her relationship with rock music, saying she used to go to Warped Tour all the time. She mentions her love for Pierce The Veil, Dance Gavin Dance, Taking Back Sunday, Paramore and more! 

As WWE NXT integrated with music festivals last year, she noticed also the dedication of wrestling fans, many of whom she met who told her they had traveled specifically to see the wrestlers! 

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