Yelawolf is making good on the promise that he’d let the world know what he really thinks of Machine Gun Kelly on his latest full-length, Trunk Muzik 3.

The rappers teamed up on “Rowdy,” in turn proving that Yelawolf’s “Bloody Sunday” freestyle mention wasn’t actually a diss at all (at least when it came to MGK).

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A few weeks ago, Yelawolf unleashed his “Bloody Sunday” freestyle where he mentioned Post Malone, G-Eazy and MGK.

He rounded out the track with a subtle mention of the latter, stating, “Threw a middle finger out the window when I wave/Trunk Muzik III bruh, you gon’ know how I feel about MGK.”

Following Trunk Muzik and Trunk Muzik Returns in 2010 and 2013 respectively, Trunk Muzik 3 is reportedly Yelawolf’s final release on Eminem’s Shady Records. At the time of “Bloody Sunday” it was unclear if his thoughts on the fellow rapper would be positive or negative.

Yelawolf and MGK’s back and forth dates back to 2011 when the latter believed the former allegedly called him out at the 2011 BET Awards. This led to Yelawolf calling him out again while on Shade 45 and MGK retorting by calling him “old man.”

However, days before the Eminem v. Machine Gun Kelly beef picked up steam with “Not Alike,” Yela had posted a shot with MGK stating they had a collab in the works:

“TRUNK MUZIK lll … who’s ready for the @machinegunkelly feature produced by @djpaulkom ?!!! .. #slumafia #slumerican #laceup #rowdy #tm3 #mgk #catfishbilly ⚡️⚡️?⚡️⚡️ ? @ounzezilla”

Shortly after “Not Alike,” MGK fired back at Eminem with “Rap Devil.” Among the many diss-filled lines, MGK called out the Shady Records boss for an alleged business move: “And don't be a sucker and take my verse off of Yelawolf's album, thank ya!”

Well, it looks like the verse is here to stay as the duo collabed on “Rowdy,” which you can check out below. Yelawolf’s Trunk Muzik 3 is available now.

More on Yelawolf and “Bloody Sunday”

Yelawolf first takes aim at G-Eazy, alleging he looks like Tom Cruise and saying he’ll acknowledge him unlike his (former) Shady Records boss Eminem.

He states: “Hold up, G…easy/I can’t let this Tom Cruise lookin’ motherfucker just paddle by/Don’t know if I’m watching Vanilla Ice or Vanilla Sky/Marshall Mathers may have ignored you/But if you want the smoke, bring the foil/I’ll boil you till the kettle’s dry.”

While it’s not stated exactly what Em ignored, G-Eazy did put himself in the midst of the Eminem v. Machine Gun Kelly beef this past fall by releasing “Bad Boy.” In that, G-Eazy states, “Ironic this what’s happening the night that Eminem dissed you/Fuck you, bitch.”

Up next in “Bloody Sunday,” Yelawolf calls out Post Malone because “he don’t even rap” and he wants a response.

“Who else? I would diss Post Malone but he don’t even rap/Fuck it, fuck Post Malone, just because, let’s see if he answers back/All that change, tits, and funk chill bill, and the cowboy boots and hats/Damn Posty, why can’t we be friends? Our clothes already match/Poser, biter, appropriation thief, give a fuck how many records you sold/Every fan you made is a leaf off of my tree/Boy you’re my seed, another mullet in the gang with the teeth I see/I just picked a bone with Post Malone and did it all on a Beastside beat”

Well, Yela got want he wanted because Posty came back with a response. He took to Twitter to say his piece:

“also Yelawolf is a nerd, and this tweet is the only support I will offer his album :)also @Yelawolf please show me all your chill bill shit please! Last I heard you was talking about how you wanted your shit like mine, I have a couple lenders, don’t worry! hmu dad :)”

Post later followed it up with a screenshot of what appears to be the comment section on one of his Instagram posts. In it, you can see a comment from Yelawolf (or at least his account) that reads, “GETTINIT⚡⚡?⚡⚡”

What do you think of Machine Gun Kelly and Yelawolf’s collab? Sound off in the comments below!

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