The Brighton-based rock trio bares all in their latest project, Welcome To My House. Released last week, the seven-track EP is a hypnotic drive through the sprawling landscape of alt-rock’s many sounds. With ballads, raging basslines, and euphoric swells, Yonaka flaunt their impressive ability to be everywhere at all once.

Composed of Theresa Jarvis on vocals, George Edwards on guitar, Alex Crosby on bass and keyboards, Yonaka have been one of the most explosive breakthrough acts in the rock world since their debut album in 2019. With Welcome To My House, comes their next chapter, one that is dark, disorienting, and rapturous. “This EP helped me express myself in such an all over the place kind of way. I felt love, sadness, I felt beautiful, ugly, powerful, angry. I felt it all," Jarvis tells AP.

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Their focus track "By The Time You're Reading This" is a euphoric trip into their power-pop side. With bright guitars and dazzling vocals, the cinematic crescendo of the song builds until dissolving into furious vocals as she belts, "By the time that you’re reading this, I’ll be gone.” The accompanying music video has the band in disorienting angles and ghoulish outfits.

"It’s hard when you’re in it writing and producing the music but taking a step away from it and then hearing and seeing it for what feels like the first time feels like such a crazy amazing thing and we are in love with it. [We're] grateful to be able to make music and to use art as an outlet, Jarvis says.

The EP release comes ahead of their blockbuster summer of festivals, including a headliner slot for No Play Festival in Liverpool's Invisible Wind Factory, Reading + Leeds and Misery Loves Company Festival in Bristol at the end of September. 

See the video for "By The Time You're Reading This" below.