You had us on the edge of our seats last season as we watched Joe Goldberg’s creepy efforts to impress women in 2018. Now he’s back on Netflix with both a new story and a new woman to fall in love with all over again.

Whether you’re into the classic romantics of the Cure or the more modern take, such as Halsey, there’s a chance you share some music similarities with the characters of your new favorite Netflix show. Take our quiz to determine which season 2 You character you are based on your music taste.

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More on You

After dropping its second season recently, it appears there’s going to be more episodes of You soon. Lead actor Penn Badgley accidentally let it slip in an interview that the show is planning to have a third season.

The actor was questioned about another character’s inclusion in his character Joe’s world when he responded with the leak.

Badgley touched on some things that went down in the second season before saying, “Dare I say, I think in the third season...” After that, he paused and rolled his eyes as he caught what he said and exclaimed, “Oh, god.”

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Caught up in his slip, he was asked a question about it and a possible return to the series. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say anything further and gave a pretty blank response.

“I’m not the person that can say anything official,” he says.

Even though it can’t officially be confirmed yet, a third season makes complete sense. On top of that, the book series also received confirmation of a third and fourth book. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, author Caroline Kepnes intends to focus the new chapters on Joe’s attempts to become a family man in the Pacific Northwest.