At a recent Comic-Con panel, Gerard Way mentioned that the name for his DC imprint Young Animal originally started in the musical realm. 

"It was going to be the name of my second solo album," he says. "When I realized I wasn't going to make a second solo album for the time being, I was like, 'I'll just use the album title as the name for my next project—whatever that ends up being.'" 

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That project turned out to be Way's addition to the DC Universe, and viola!

Way's Young Animal will feature four titles: 

Doom Patrol (due out September 14)

Shade The Changing Girl (October)

Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye (October)

Mother Panic (November)

As for Way's next foray into music, the future remains open as the artist currently focuses on Young Animal and The Umbrella Academy. 

You can learn more about the Young Animal titles in our 10th anniversary The Black Parade issue!