The alt-pop duo Yours are teaming up with AltPress to exclusively premiere their acoustic rendition of “Summer Is Bad.”

The pair, Amanda and Alice, first released the studio version of the track and video Oct. 31. “Summer Is Bad” offers a whimsical, upbeat attitude that masks the weight of coping with depression. Trading their vibrant color palette for a more dreary setting, the acoustic revamp explores an entirely new message and approach.

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“‘Summer Is Bad’ is about not fitting in at the ‘perfect’ party,” vocalist Amanda explains. “I found myself up to my neck in deep conversation while those around me slowly found more shallow places to wade. I felt so misplaced in my pursuit of more than surface-deep human connection. It seemed like the only thing people wanted to feel was not feeling. I got a little too drunk and started to talk about life and death and all sorts of existential matters. Apparently, my friends thought it was a bit out of place and maybe too depressing. It left me asking myself, ‘Where are the people that I can be myself with?’ A lot of us glamorize the lights and loud music at parties in the same way we glamorize summer. For me, personally, I’d rather sit in a corner, having a deep conversation on a rainy day.

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“We wanted to express the song in a more vulnerable way,” Amanda continues. “We intentionally made the tone of the original song a bit ironic in its delivery: a happy song with sad words. So this time around, we wanted to match it with a different tone that brings out new emotions in the lyrics.”

You can watch the acoustic version of “Summer Is Bad” below.

You can watch the original studio version of “Summer Is Bad” below.

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