YUNGBLUD has opened up about his “fluid” sexuality in a new interview where he explains a bit about how he is attracted to whoever he has a connection with. 

Even though the 22-year-old artist is assumed to be in a relationship with Halsey, he spoke to Attitude Magazine about his open sexuality and who he is interested in. 

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“I am more straight,” he said. “(But if) I walked down the street and met a fucking bloke tomorrow, or a trans person, you never know. It’s about connection. I’m very fluid about it.”

He also talked about why he moved to London, which was partially to explore his sexuality. 

“I came to London to be liberated, to be able to paint my nails," he said. "To fucking try sex with a guy, to try everything, to fulfill my fantasies and figure out who I am." 

He also talked about how he cross-dresses during his performances and what that means. 

“That’s why I fucking wear a dress on stage,” he said. “We’ve been brought up with such boundaries: woman wears dress, man sees woman’s curves, you can make baby. Western civilisation put women in dresses and men in trousers. Before that, in medieval times, every fucker wore a dress.”

“I wake up one day and want to look girly as fuck, and I’ll wake up the next and walk out of the house in a Fred Perry polo shirt looking like I’ll beat the shit out of you,” he added. 

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In other news, YUNGBLUD just shared a video for “Hope For The Underrated Youth” yesterday that shows the party he threw on a boat where he unveiled the song name on the UK parliament building. 



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there’s hope for this underrated youth and they will hear what we have to say. monday ???

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Prior to this video, he premiered the song and talked a bit about the meaning behind it.

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“The world right now tells us fall in line,” YUNGBLUD says of the track. “It tells us what you’re allowed to care about, think about, even to the point what air you should fucking breathe. Things are changing drastically, a lot of the time not for the better and it’s hard to watch.

I meet so many young people every day and the one common denominator I find is the constant fire to defy apathy and the optimism to do anything in your power to fight for a better, more equal world. This song is about freedom of speech. (The) song is about freedom of expression. This song is about the forward-thinking, racism hating, LGBTQ+, liberal ‘sinners’ that we all are. I see that there is hope for this ‘Underrated Youth’ and I believe the future looks bright because we are in it.”

The video shows YUNGBLUD partying with his fans during the boat show and displays the passionate relationship he has with them.

Check out the new video for “Hope For The Underrated Youth” below.

After the video premiered, he took to Instagram to say that the next one “would be out soon,” so it looks like there’s more to come. Check out his post below.

What do you think about the new interview with YUNGBLUD about his sexuality? Sound off in the comments down below!

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