The highly-anticipated  “Shit’s Weird Keep Calm and Carry On” YUNGBLUD show was everything and more people wanted it to be. We were treated to a drinking game between Machine Gun Kelly and Bella Thorne, some odd pancakes with Oliver Tree and a whole lot of rock and roll courtesy of YUNGBLUD.

The program ran for a little over an hour and started at 7 a.m. PST/10 a.m. EST on March 16. 

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YUNGBLUD announced the show on March 14 as a way to give back to fans following concert cancellations and events and travel bans due to coronavirus. He has had to cancel shows in ten different countries. 

YUNGBLUD announced the show and in a statement he said, “the world is in a very weird time at the moment. everyone doesn’t know what to do or where to turn. it’s like we are all trapped in a glass or perspex box whilst someone is playing a trick on us. my shows were getting cancelled left right and centre. i miss the energy, i miss the connection, i miss my fans and family. we need each other more than ever right now and having the opportunity to interact with them taken away from me fully wasn’t even an option for me! we’re holding an online concert monday 7am pdt earliest show of my life see you there!!!”

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Well, the show certainly was early, but it was definitely worth it. The show starts like any classic talk show. YUNGBLUD introduces the events that will occur over the course of the show and then kicks right into "parents," followed up with "Anarchist" and "Loner."

YUNGBLUD then goes over to spend some time with Oliver Tree who is making some Flaming Hot Cheetos pancakes and a smoothie consisting of Slim Jims, Corn Nuts, marshmallows and vodka. Sounds appetizing right? A few comedic props such as comically large scissors and a wig really put the Oliver Tree stamp on this segment. 

YUNGBLUD heads back to his band to play some more songs before the next bit. 

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Next, we see YUNGBLUD and Bella Thorne preparing to play a drinking game. Unfortunately, Machine Gun Kelly is late so they decide to start playing with Thorne's sister Dani. MGK shows up in the nick of time though. 

The drinking game consists of two players each having to quickly name something from a category that YUNGBLUD gives, with the appropriate letter. The person with the slowest answer has to drink their beer. 

For example, YUNGBLUD says "animal that stars with 'M'" and MGK replies "Mongoose." One of the funnier parts of this bit is YUNGBLUD asks for their favorite tropical fruit beginning with a "P" which is a great set up for MGK to talk about the controversy regarding his sexually-charged music video for "why are you here." 

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YUNGBLUD and Kelly then run over to the band and play "I Think I'm OKAY."

The final non-music segment is the Q&A portion where YUNGBLUD is asked to show his collarbone and what the weirdest thing a fan has ever given him. You'll have to watch to hear that story.

YUNGBLUD then plays more songs before signing off at the 62-minute point. 

A full setlist of the performance is below. 

The YUNGBLUD Show setlist

  1. "parents"
  2. "Anarchist"
  3. "Loner"
  4. "I Love You, Will You Marry Me?"
  5. "casual sabotage"
  6. "I Think I'm OKAY" Feat. Machine Gun Kelly
  7. "original me" 
  8. "braindead!"
  9. "hope for the underrated youth"
  10. "Machine Gun (F**k the NRA)"
YUBGBLUD gave the concert everything he had, really putting on a show for the audience. He was drenched in sweat and the hard work paid off because #theyungbludshow was the No. 1 trend on Twitter. 

Check out some fan reactions to the show below. 

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The full performance is now on YouTube. Watch it below and enjoy the show!

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