YUNGBLUD is a worldwide rock star, and he’s also proving that gendered clothing is a thing of the past with every performance. He pulls off all of his looks, no matter if it’s a skirt or ripped jeans, lipstick or eyeliner. 

In general, this artist is a style icon, and we are so thankful he’s throwing gender norms away and sharing his true, “original” sense of fashion while empowering others to do the same. Here are our 10 favorite looks that blend masculinity and femininity perfectly. 

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1. This rockin’ eyeliner in the “Parents” music video

YUNGBLUD shows several styles in this video, including gothic smudged eyeliner perfect for any occasion. He also dons his signature color palette, pink and black, in his hair. Side note: We also dig the Flavor Flav-style clock around his neck.

2. Chipped nails and rings for days

Boys can wear nail polish, too. This black chipped nail polish look is something every scene kid wore in the 2000s, and YUNGBLUD is bringing it back with rings all over.

3. This outfit that’s inspired by Cher from Clueless

We are totally bugging over this iconic look inspired by the ’90s teen rom-com Clueless. YUNGBLUD and Cher? They’re like twins.

4. This gorgeous bright hair, feathery jacket and goth makeup combo


The smudged eye and black lip perfectly match his feathery black jacket. The redness in his hair is also giving us some serious Gerard Way vibes, who was another emo icon who wore incredible makeup. 

5. This black lip

Who could ever be a “Loner” with this emo pout? Black is surely an acceptable lip color year-round. Maybe Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds should try it out too. 

6. The way he wears this skirt so well

This leather skirt straight-up rocks on him, and when paired with Dr. Martens, it’s undeniably a look we all want to replicate.

7. Lingerie looks

Lingerie dresses are perfect for guys and perfect for running around onstage. We mean, you get a pretty good breeze when you jump.

8. Red lips

This is a timeless, gorgeous look that YUNGBLUD can wear any day of the week. These lips leave us “Tongue Tied.” 

9. Crop top and mesh

He pulls off the ultimate alternative music-goer ensemble here with a cute mesh top underneath. Take notes, guys. Crop tops are a universal look.

10. Cheetah print

Here, YUNGBLUD is fierce and is serving looks that honestly make us just a little spotted with jealousy. The ripped fishnet tights really make this outfit pop.