YUNGBLUD performed his new single “The Funeral” on The Late Late Show With James Corden. During the March 28 performance, he also revealed his third album will be released “around the autumn leaves,” referring to this upcoming fall.

Beyond performing “The Funeral,” which he called a “proper toe-tapper,” YUNGBLUD previewed his new album and his broader artistic goals.

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“I think when you have a third album, you really come into who you are as an artist,” YUNGBLUD explains during the “Bar Chat” segment with Corden. “You really understand where you are. I'm not a kid anymore. I've been around the world seven times, I've met the most beautiful fans in the world. I've had ups, I've had downs, and I think the difference between this album, as opposed to [my] last one, was it's truly really about me.”

He continues, “Having people say good and bad things, it isn't this ‘Woe is me... Everyone's being mean to me on the internet’ kind of thing, but it's like this reincarnation to being back to 15 and going, ‘Oh, some people don't understand my intentions [or] who I really am. And now I'm about to show 'em.”

Check out his performance and full chat with Corden below.