English alterna-icon YUNGBLUD is dropped smack dab in the dusty desert of Scottsdale, Arizona, in an endearing new mini-doc clip showing the musician on tour. But did you know the artist's typical day includes a flubbed recorder performance?

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The favored woodwind of schoolkids hits YUNGBLUD's lips pre-show at the Phoenix suburb's Pub Rock Live. And—wait a second—is that a slightly skewed version of Céline Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" we're hearing? To the stars, Jack!

In all seriousness though, it looks like the musician's usual day on the road involves showing a lot of love to the swathes of fans waiting for his show. Even grabbing a bite to eat before the gig don't stop the devotion train. Watch:

The video from UMUSIC Experience offers a "glimpse into a day in the life of UK punk rocker YUNGLBUD as he tours through Phoenix, AZ. From soundcheck to an after show hang with fans," reads the caption on YouTube.

UMUSIC Experience is a national network of the driven and creative college students charged with maximizing awareness of their colleges, according to its website. Via the concern, YUNGLBUD recently spoke at the University of Michigan.

21st Century Liability, the debut studio album from YUNGBLUD, dropped this past summer. And the musician tackled depression and anxiety in the "Kill Somebody" music video. (And, hey, remember back when YUNGBLUD was on a Disney show?)

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