Rapper YUNGMORPHEUS and musician/producer Eyedress have dropped their long-awaited collaborative album, Affable With Pointed Teeth.

The new project with the “Jealous” hitmaker marks the third album the rapper released in 2021, followed by States Of Precarity and Thumbing Thru Foliage with lo-fi hip-hop producer ewonee.

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In an interview with Quarantine Content, YUNGMORPHEUS discussed wanting the listener taking away honesty from States Of Precarity

“I think that’s the main thing, you know?”, YUNGMORPHEUS says. “Be honest with yourself, be honest with myself. That’s the whole point of that. That was me finally being honest with myself with the platform that I have.”

Affable With Pointed Teeth includes four singles: “Four Week Cure,” which was released alongside “Candyman,” “Georgette’s Tea Room” featuring rapper Pink Siifu and the latest single “Rainbow Coalition.”

The L.A.-based rapper has previously dropped a music video to accompany the single “Georgette’s Tea Room.”

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The video, presented in a retro look, captures YUNGMORPHEUS and Pink Siifu’s everyday smoke sessions as well as their exploration of the city around them.

The final single from the collaborative project “Rainbow Coalition” dropped in early September along with a visual.

In that visual, “Rainbow Coalition” takes a noir-esque animated approach of a police chase in the dark and progresses through frames of oil paintings.

To celebrate the album release, YUNGMORPHEUS performed a show at Catch One in Los Angeles with artists Fly Anakin, Ahwlee and Zeroh, as well as additional special musical guests.

Affable With Pointed Teeth is out now via Lex Records. Listen to YUNGMORPHEUS and Eyedress’ new album below, and share your thoughts in the comments.