Alt-pop up-and-comer Zeph has shared that her debut album, character development, is on the way (out June 16 via Hopeless). 

Along with the announcement, she dropped a new single, “you don’t like me like that.” Zeph initially debuted the stunning track live when she opened for Waterparks in 2021 and says its message centers around “being tired of a guy leading me on.”

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“It’s about me falling for it even though I already know he doesn’t actually like me and wishing he would just outright tell me so I could get closure and move on. I wrote the first half as a short song then finished the rest of it after I opened some shows on a Waterparks' tour. The way Awsten would yell the lyrics or even change them up to interact with the crowd inspired me to be more deliberate with how my own lyrics would play on stage, which is why I wrote ‘he’s making me go fucking crazy’ with the ‘go fucking crazy’ part over the break in the song!” Zeph shares.

See the music video for “you don’t like me like that” and album tracklisting below.

character development tracklisting

1. “you don’t like me like that”
2. “like everyone else”
3. “sorry i’m not”
4. “game”
5. “backseat”
6. “character development”
7. “walls”
8. “say it first”
9. “my best friend”
10. “until i leave”
11. “i’m sorry for wasting your time”