It’s not uncommon for astrology lovers to get tattoos of their zodiac signs to pay homage to the stars making them the way they are.

Sometimes, people can get stuck in a rut trying to think of an innovative way to represent their sign on their body, and make it their own. We found 12 tattoos that are creative ways to represent each zodiac sign that might help you get some inspiration the next time you want to get inked.

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This Aries tattoo combines the ram symbol with the stars.



A bull skull and flowers allow this proud Taurus to represent their sign.



We are DYING over these twin skulls to represent the Gemini.



Many Cancers opt for crab tattoos, but this person made the crab’s back an intricate mandala to add to the prettiness.



Keep Your Eyes On The Stars And Your Feet On The Ground.? ??

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This Leo added pretty stars in their lion tattoo to really make it eye-catching.



A beautiful Virgo tattoo done with color and constellation details that we can’t keep our eyes off of.



Libras are all about balance, and this person showed that off while also demonstrating that they keep both their head and heart balanced.



This Scorpio opted for a minimialist effect, choosing a tiny behind-the-ear design to show off their sign.



This simplistic arrow piece is a beautiful way to pay homage to this sign.



Any Capricorn could rock this simple geometric goat tattoo anywhere on their body.



Rather than just getting the Aquarius symbol on their body, this person added sparkly stars that really bring the whole tattoo together.



This intricate coy fish tattoo to represent the water sign is a work of art that should be recognized.