Zoey 101 was a staple of many childhoods. The Nickelodeon show made stars Jamie Lynn Spears and Victoria Justice nearly household names. The former obviously being the younger sister of Britney Spears.

Well, its been nearly 11 years since the show ended and after more than a few rumblings and happenings suggesting a reboot, it seems like we might actually be getting one.

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Paul Butcher recently has an interview with Seventeen magazine about all sorts of things in his life. Butcher rose to fame playing Zoey's younger brother Dustin in Zoey 101. He doesn't explicitly state that a full blow reboot is in the works, but he does confirm something is happening with Zoey 101.

"I’m not going to say exactly what it’s for, but things are definitely happening," Butcher says about a cryptic photo that Spears posted about a week ago of a script with most of the words covered up except for "Gimme that bacon" and "Sean" Check it out below.

Now that we know Spears is set to appear on the All That reboot as Thelma Stump who also loves bacon, it's safe to assume that the script posted by Spears is for that specific skit. However, Butcher seems to be alluding to something more.

This post is not what set fans ablaze with Zoey 101 reboot rumors, however. Those began when a majority of the cast reunited for a night out, as shown in creator Dan Schneider's Instagram post below.

The majority of the cast, including Spears and Justice already confirmed they would be down for a reboot and Butcher previously spoke with TooFab about how things were coming together.

“I can’t necessarily confirm, but just connect the dots is all I’m going to say." Butcher says. "Things are looking good. I’m definitely interested. I know a lot of people are interested. We have talked to people about it. Nothing is confirmed yet, but things look good.”

So, while a full-blown reboot is certainly not confirmed, fans are getting something. The cast reuniting in any sort of way is cool. Whether that means the Zoey 101 cast appears in another Nickelodeon show or not, we can be certain we will see the Pacific Coast Academy crew soon enough.

The All That with Spears is set to air in early 2020. Will we be getting more from the Zoey 101 cast than just the All That skit? Let us know your thoughts below!

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