You may have heard of 100 gecs, the mutant electronic duo of Dylan Brady and Laura Les—but you're not sure how or where. That's because the lauded electro-mutants have gotten acclaim from so many sides, it's hard to keep track. Their universe is a perpetually fizzing amalgam of caffeinated pop, hip hop beats, android EDM and cartoon soundtracks. And that doesn't even cover a fraction of the madness housed on their remix LP,  1000 gecs & The Tree Of Clues.
100 gecs have amassed a roll call of conspirators for their major-label debut. Indeed, everyone from 21st century pop goddesses (Charli XCX, GFOTY, Nicole Dollanganger) to British indie-rockers (Kero Kero Bonito) to spit-boxing rappers (Tommy Cash, Tony Velour) represent for the gecs. The cumulative result feels like a roller coaster ride under the influence of four jumbo Red Bulls. Except the guy running the coaster suddenly quit and you have to go to the bathroom.
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You know what we didn't know? Before Les and Brady were abusing Logic software, they were both former scene kids. That would explain the presence of Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz alongside Craig Owens (badXchannels, DRUGS, Chiodos) and Grimes protege Dollanganger. The three scene icons converge on the riotous remix of  "hand crushed by a mallet," which originally appeared on 100 gecs' 2019 debut. The track is a stunning affair with Stump bringing the melody while Owens and Dollanganger take the front car of that roller coaster.

1000 gecs & The Tree Of Clues comes out today and it's the post-modern, hyper-meta, galactic mindfuck you've been craving. You just didn't know it. Come for the guest stars, but stick around for Les and Brady's twisted sensibilities. Consider that this is a band that played their first show in Minecraft (well, sorta). The future belongs to 100 gecs. We're just wallets made of meat.