Ten years ago, Hawthorne Heights released their second album If Only You Were Lonely. Now bandmates JT Woodruff and Matt Ridenour share 10 lesser-known facts about the album in this episode of 10 Things You Didn't Know.

Did you know that the band wrote a song for The Bad News Bears? (Probably not, considering it didn't make it into the film.) Or did you know that Hawthorne Heights was inspired by Story Of The Year's In The Wake of Determination? "I remember hearing that record and just thinking, 'Man, this thing sounds incredible,'" says Woodruff. "I just remember thinking, we gotta track some more guitars."

Woodruff's perfectionist changes to the album didn't finish up until two hours before the band members had to catch a flight, which they barely made in time.

Hear more about those stories, along with some memories of Lucky Charms cereal revenge, fans singing vocals on the album and the complaints that led to the song title "Where Can I Stab Myself In The Ears." —Annie Nickoloff

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