Many Eyes (ex-Every Time I Die) pay homage to Nirvana with "Revelation" video

”This video doesn’t just capture who we are, it conveys who we have always been,” Keith Buckley says.

Nandi Bushell improvises to Fatboy Slim's "Right Here, Right Now"—watch

Nandi Bushell said goodbye to 2021 with another Instagram video of her showcasing her killer drum skills. The video, which you can check out below, also marked a first for the 11-year-old musician. Read more: Nandi Bushell shares her biggest influences and upcoming musical endeavors Instead of covering a song, Bushell improvised a drum part […]

Josh Katz and Joel Madden on why Badflower know exactly who they are

With the recent release of their second album, a gold-certified single under their belt and high-octane live performances, Badflower are crushing it. The four-piece have cemented their presence in the industry as assertive rockers who create music with a purpose. THIS IS HOW THE WORLD ENDS, their second full-length, encapsulates the present day and all […]

Joel Madden, Pierre Bouvier and Jordan Pundik love seeing fans of all ages

Simple Plan and New Found Glory have finally announced their rescheduled Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead tour. The groups will hit the road this fall, supported by rising alt-pop artist LØLØ. The Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead tour was announced to great anticipation in February 2020, just following the release of New Found Glory’s latest […]

Tom DeLonge thinks it’s funny when people impersonate “I Miss You"

You discovered him during his tenure with blink-182. And you’re still rocking out to him as the founder of Angels And Airwaves. We’re proud to have alt-rock icon/unidentified aerial phenomena enthusiast Tom DeLonge in front of the APTV camera. Shot at his SoCal home, DeLonge was gracious enough to tell us 10 things about himself that you truly […]

Joel Madden, Pierre Bouvier and Jordan Pundik discuss rescheduled tour

Pop-punk legends Simple Plan and New Found Glory have announced their rescheduled Pop Punk’s Still Not Dead tour. The groups will hit the road this fall, supported by emerging alt-pop artist LØLØ. Alternative Press and Live Nation have partnered to offer a special presale in advance of the run, launching May 26. To learn more […]

Awsten Knight and Joel Madden have a low tolerance for boredom—watch

Given Waterparks’ discography, it would have been entirely acceptable and too easy for them to release a true-to-form greatest hits record composed of fan-favorite tracks. But rather than revisiting their previous accomplishments and restyling them, Waterparks’ fourth full-length, Greatest Hits, creates an encapsulating space that analyzes the perception of reality. While the trio wrote and […]

Aly & AJ and Joel Madden take a deep-dive into the duo’s new record

If Aly & AJ’s new record makes you feel happy and warm, then it has accomplished exactly what they hoped it would. a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun is an album infused with pure joy. When they set out to make it, […]

12 influential early 2000s metalcore albums that shaped the genre

As the world launched into a new millennium during the 2000s, a more modern metal sound was quickly gaining popularity in the United States. Many bands embraced this evolution. Some in particular also heavily influenced the direction of the newly created genre that was metalcore. Even though many of those bands are either not together […]

Diamante shares the inspiration behind her hair and its importance—watch

If you asked Diamante if she ever thought touring would mean rescuing stolen animals, she probably wouldn’t have believed you. But one time before a show in Minneapolis, she and her band saw a dog get thrown out of a car on the freeway. They immediately knew they had to stop their van and get […]

There’s one artist Awsten Knight listens to every Christmas

Christmas music is one of the most divisive topics out there. There are people who immediately channel their inner Mariah Carey once Halloween winds down into the first day of November. And there are those who can’t stand festive tunes no matter how hard they try. And then there are Waterparks, who definitely have some […]

State Champs can agree on the best pop-punk band but not much else

If you’ve ever needed a knowledgeable pop-punk band to answer all of your burning early ’00s pop music questions, State Champs have you covered. Or if you need a couple of guys to rank pop-punk legends, they can do that too. And they’re not afraid to stir up some controversy or crank out some choreography […]

Dave Hause doesn’t believe in musical guilty pleasures and neither should you

Dave Hause is a staple of the modern punk community. The former frontman of the highly revered defunct punk outfit the Loved Ones. He also had a short-lived stint as a guitarist in the legendary hardcore punk act Paint It Black. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention his tenure in punk supergroup, […]

Here’s how MOD SUN ended up singing with Fall Out Boy at an early gig

MOD SUN can’t help but smile when he recalls an early Fall Out Boy show in 2003 at the Quest’s Ascot Room in Minneapolis. The artist still vividly remembers the moment a Take This To Your Grave-era Patrick Stump started belting an a cappella version of “Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy.” How […]

Here’s what Dallon Weekes of iDKHOW considers his favorite 1981 tracks

Super-duo iDKHOW pride themselves on their influences, and there’s one in particular that fans of ’80s classics may be familiar with. Men At Work’s “Who Can It Be Now?”—the iconic track with an even more iconic saxophone lick—actually inspired Alternative Press’ digital cover stars Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman to give sax solos a try […]

Here’s what Tom Morello thinks the Democratic Party can do better

Modern-day guitar legend Tom Morello has never shied away from politics. Back in the ’80s, the Rage Against The Machine guitarist worked as a scheduling secretary for California Democratic Sen. Alan Cranston for two years. Now, Morello is better known as Rage’s ever-respected king of strings, making his voice heard time and time again. Even his […]

Here's how Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Charnas became a horror fan

When APTV Director Bobby Makar asked Spencer Charnas what his favorite scary movie is, he wasn’t setting up a bloodbath. Indeed, the Ice Nine Kills singer is a die-hard enthusiast of scary movies of all kinds. Horror films, splatter reels, you name it. If it bleeds, it feeds Charnas’ imagination to run wild in his […]

Watch and learn how Descendents make the perfect cup of coffee

SoCal punk legends Descendents are known for three things. First, their mastery of what has now been termed “melodic hardcore.” Second, the quaint line drawing of their lead singer Milo Aukerman they’ve adopted as a mascot logo of sorts. Last but not least is their legendary penchant for consuming coffee. And not that Frappuccino, moo-latte […]

Believe it or not, parental support was the biggest influence on GWAR

For over three decades, the members of GWAR have been pushing risque humor, audience endurance and decibel meters. Their schtick of being “Antarctica’s No. 1 band” never gets old. That’s because they never focused solely on just one element. Between tasteless jokes and tasty riffs, the Richmond, Virginia, performance art collective-cum-metal force mean a lot […]

Less Than Jake promise you'll love their new record if you're already a fan

Less Than Jake are still riding the third wave that they helped create, and they aren’t looking to give up their upstrokes anytime soon. Guitarist/frontman/resident energy valve Chris DeMakes isn’t worried about winning critics over. Instead, he wants to continue to satisfy the listeners who could really use an LTJ show right now. “If you […]
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