There’s plenty of band merch that fans buy to put on a shelf as their prized possession. Then there’s the merch which is much less common and  has an expiration date.

Edible merch isn’t conventional, and it usually gives a statement about the band's eccentric side. And it’s certainly special.

Here are 11 edible band merch items.

Marilyn Manson candy hearts

These are the same as the typical Valentine’s Day candy hearts, except instead of romantic messages, each one has the Marilyn Manson logo on it.


Rob Zombie hot chocolate

This creation has a slight twist; one of the special flavors was “Murder Ride” and, when mixed with hot water, it turned a dark bloody color.


Rammstein tequila

Rammstein is known for their interesting merch (in the past, they even sold a sex toy set). So, selling a bottle of tequila isn’t that wild for them.


Bayside beer

Canned craft beers graced the Bayside merch tables. And apparently, it's pretty good.


Gwar BBQ sauce

Gwar’s sauce, called “Gwar B Q,” sold out pretty quickly after it was put on sale. It’s an appropriate piece of merch for them; the band encourages lots of meat eating on their website.


Wilco popcorn tin

As a holiday promotion, Wilco sold one of their CDs with a tin filled with popcorn.


Flaming Lips gummy skull

In the world of stranger music distribution, the Flaming Lips created some candy skulls that hid USBs full of music inside of them. Fans had to eat through the candy to get to the new tunes.


Pierce the Veil hot sauce

Pierce the Veil sold limited edition hot sauces all in a collection, for any kind of meal. These also sold out pretty quickly.


Bastille hot sauce

In terms of edible merch, hot sauce is a more common one. Bastille also came out with a signature bottle.


Dutch Uncles burgers

Dutch Uncles created a signature burger to reflect their band. The burgers are sold at Almost Famous, a restaurant in Liverpool.


KISS booze

Classic rockers KISS have done pretty much everything when it comes to merch. And that includes several lines of different alcohol.