This Sunday, Max Bemis sent Say Anything fans’ brains abuzz when he sent out a string of tweets with the initials of the guest vocalists featured on the band’s upcoming album. Some weren’t too hard to figure out. (If you don't know that SDB is Bemis’ wife, Sherri DuPree-Bemis, then you might want to get out of the game now.) Others were a bit tougher, but as longtime Say Anything fans, we think we  did all right. Of course, we couldn’t help but take it a step further. Here are the 16 guest vocalists you’ll probably hear on the new Say Anything album—and the 16 guest vocalists we want to hear on the new Say Anything album.

1. AH

Who we think it is: Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra

Who we wish it were: Alyson Hannigan, who stars in How I Met Your Mother and the American Pie movies. She could even bust out her flute for a solo.

2. AW

Who we think it is: Allison Weiss. She’s currently opening for Bemis and Matt Pryor on a string of dates this month.

Who we wish it were: Anna Wintour. How great would it be to hear Vogue’s editor in chief doing a quick-paced spoken-word intro in her salty, British accent à la Courtney Love on Fall Out Boy’s “Rat A Tat?” It’s Anna, bitch.

3-4. JB, JS

Who we think it is: Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré and Jon Simmons of Balance And Composure

Who we wish it were: Jeremy Bolm and Jon Simmons. Three of the scene's most distinct voices all together? Even we're not going to mess with this.

5-6. CC, MP

Who we think it is: Chris Conley and Matt Pryor. This is a no-brainer for both. Not only is Bemis an avid Saves The Day fan, he and Conley also front the band Two Tongues. Plus, Conley contributed guest vocals to “Sorry Dudes. My Bad.” from In Defense Of The Genre. Regarding Pryor, the two are on tour together, and at one of their shows in early December, Bemis announced that Pryor would be on the upcoming Say Anything album.

Who we wish it were: Camilla the Chicken and Miss Piggy. Seeing as Bemis has already worked with half the movers and shakers in this scene, why not branch out into Muppet territory? If Kermit starts to get green with envy because his lady is working with another man, Miss Piggy can reassure her Kermy that he has nothing to worry aobut: Bemis is a happily married man.