If you grew up in the 2000s, rocked band T-shirts almost daily and decorated your locker top to bottom with clippings of Kellin Quinn and Oli Sykes, you’re definitely a child of the post-hardcore era. 

Now, post-hardcore, while being a specific genre, is a very gray area where bands such as Bring Me The Horizon are grouped with Deftones and Flyleaf. These groups vary in their vocal stylings and instrumental intensity, but they all take hardcore a step further by upping the emotion. 

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Post-hardcore rose in the ’90s and peaked in popularity in the ’00s. Whether you loved these bands and their peers a decade ago or still jam them on the daily, see if you can remember these post-hardcore lyrics and the artists who sang them below. 

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2020 was definitely a big year for YUNGBLUD. Not only has he just released his highly anticipated new album, weird!, but he’s worked on songs with artists including Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker and Bring Me The Horizon.

Now, YUNGBLUD has opened up on just how much BMTH have inspired him over the years. In particular, he’s revealed why Oli Sykes left an impression on him long before their collab on “Obey.”

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Ahead of the release of their latest EP, POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR, BMTH unleashed their explosive new song “Obey” featuring YUNGBLUD. When the song finally made its debut, YUNGBLUD told Annie Mac that he’d basically been waiting his whole life for the collaboration.

“I think I was waiting for that phone call my entire life,” YUNGBLUD says. “Bring Me The Horizon was such a massive part of my soul as an artist.”

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Now, YUNGBLUD is further opening up on the influence BMTH and their music has had on him. During a new interview with NME, he reveals that Sykes’ approach to both music and fashion left an impression on his teenage self.

“He literally redefined my perception of growing up in wearing makeup and being different in the north,” YUNGBLUD says. “He basically saved my life.”

As well, he also shares exactly what went down when he got the phone call about the BMTH collaboration.

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“I’d waited my whole life to scream on a Bring Me The Horizon song. I was pissed in LA when he [Sykes] called, and I told him that I was going to the studio immediately,” YUNGBLUD says. “He’s like, ‘Woah, woah, woah—we haven’t finished the song.’ I said I’d been waiting for this call my whole life, got into the studio, turned the mic on and just screamed for seven hours.”

Along with YUNGBLUD, Nova Twins, Amy Lee and BABYMETAL are also featured on Bring Me The Horizon’s new EP, POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR.