2021 is set to be a big year for 3OH!3. Later this year, the duo are releasing their first full-length album in five years called NEED, a play on the title of their hit 2008 album WANT.

Now, Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte are giving fans another preview of their upcoming music with the trippy new video for "I'M SO SAD." Along with exploding smiley faces and animated blue skies, the new video pays tribute to our middle school emo days we would love to forget.

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Back in November, 3OH!3 surprised fans when they began teasing their first new music in four years. For their latest single "LONELY MACHINES," 3OH!3 returned to their WANT era with the help of 100 gecs. The track not only features elements fans of the classic album will instantly recognize, but it even addresses thoseDONTTRUSTME" lyric years after its release.

Now, 3OH!3 are back with even more new music for fans. On Friday, they debuted a trippy new video for "I'M SO SAD," a track that is all about finding humor in even the darkest of times.

“I think life is about finding balance and having a sense of humor," Foreman says. "‘I’M SO SAD’ checks both of those boxes for me. Growing up, I was taught to fight back or push away parts of myself that were negative-thinking, anxious, and sad. The notion of 'fighting demons' or telling feelings 'no' has always felt like the way one is told to cope. What I've learned in my own journey of mental health is that whatever I feel, when I feel it is welcome. This song is like a ‘welcome home’ party for my sad parts. It seems therapeutic to sing it loud over a big chorus. We all know there are more than enough party songs in the world about ‘feeling good’. Sometimes I just want to party sad.”

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For the new song, Foreman and Motte teamed up with friend and collaborator Benny Blanco. In fact, 3OH!3 have been working with Blanco for over 12 years.

"We wrote the song with Benny Blanco, whom we've worked with since 2008," Motte says. "And every time we get back in and write with Benny since then, we never skip a beat. We all share the same mantra of working hard at creative expression, laughing, enjoying our work, and mixing playfulness with heavy things, both sonically and thematically. He's been through experiences akin to ours, so when I left the studio and went back to Colorado to produce the song I wanted to make sure it did justice to feeling sad, but also use collective fun as a therapy for that individual sadness.”

The entertaining "I'M SO SAD" video features some unexpected animated visuals including miniature dancing Foreman and Motte cartoons and fiery smiley faces. As well, the video is a true nod to our gone, but not totally forgotten, emo days. Both Foreman and Motte seem to have raided their local Hot Topic as they appear dressed head to toe with black hair, wrist cuffs and chain wallets.

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Last year, 3OH!3 exclusively told Alternative Press what listeners can expect from their forthcoming album NEED which arrives later this year.

"It’s just exciting to put new music out," Foreman said. "I can’t really anticipate. I feel like even putting the teasers out there, seeing our fans, they’re so supportive and excited. People are like, “Oh, you’re going to save our 2020?” I’m like, “Oh, that’s a heavy burden to try to save your 2020.” But, you know, that’s what the beauty is of putting out music in these times especially. But the new music’s fun. It’s very 3OH!3 in the sense that it hasn’t been done by us. I think that when you hear it, it fits into something that you’d hear on WANT. It would be like the WANT lost track, but it’s like a modernized version of what we do with that."

What are your reactions to the "I'M SO SAD" video? Are you excited to hear 3OH!3's first full-length album in five years? Let us know in the comments below.