Aidan Gallagher is currently gearing up to reprise his role as Number Five in The Umbrella Academy season 2, but the actor/musician is still balancing both roles seamelssly.

Gallagher is adding another track titled “For You” to his ever-growing collection of solo material tonight.

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The track follows previous releases “Time,” “Miss You,” and “Blue Neon (Club Version).” However, “For You” is a little different as it’s the first time Gallagher took on producer

“This is my first fully self-produced single, which I recorded myself on Logic in my garage,” Gallagher explains. “Everything prior to this I co-produced but always had the benefit of an experienced producer to work with.

“With this song, I had to figure out everything on my own, so if you hate it then the blame it all on me. And if you like it, then that would make me really happy and proud,” he continues. “I’m also very curious to find out what people think the song is really about.”

Gallagher touched on his creative process in a previous interview with AP. When discussing how his two passions compare, he acknowledges that acting came easily while music takes a bit more work.

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“Music expresses how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking, [and] acting is just something that I enjoy and have been very lucky with,” he elaborates. “I do feel I’m good at acting, and it comes easily to me. I do enjoy figuring out a character like Five and giving it everything I’ve got.

“But music is harder than acting,” he continues. “With music, I write the music and lyrics, then play and record it on piano and guitar, then produce it on Logic before sending to be mixed and mastered. That all takes a lot more knowledge and skill than acting. It’s a longer process as I explore how to mold the song. Each song develops in its own way with its own requirements. But I love this process, and every year I’ve learned more.  A few years ago, I hired producers to record me, and now I know how to do it myself.”

The music video for “For You” is slated to drop shortly after because Gallagher “wants people to have a week to really listen first,” and he has some solid words of advice:

“Make sure you have good headphones!”

Keep your eyes and ears posted on Gallagher’s YouTube premiere below and check out the track here once it drops at midnight EST.

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