The Sims has been around forever, and it’s a classic childhood game turned meme. Even though it’s probably been some time since you last checked on your Sim town, Electronic Arts updated The Sims 4’s in-game soundtrack last year, and you’ll probably recognize one of the tracks in the game.

One of the songs that you can hear in-game is “Good Times” by All Time Low—in Simlish, of course.

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The song can be heard by buying your Sim a radio. The radios come with different stations such as pop, indie, electronic and alternative. All of the songs are in the Sim’s native language, Simlish.

Simlish sounds like a garbled mess of words with no meaning. The Simlish Wikipedia says this is so that what the Sim characters actually say can be left up to the imagination of the player.

Most of the songs on your Sim's radio are originals by the Sims creative team, with titles such as “Zoe Bwoozip” credited to made-up bands such as the Shoaks. But occasionally, Simlish covers of real-life songs will pop up in the stations’ rotation.

To hear “Good Times” in Simlish, just put your Sim’s radio station to the pop channel, turn the radio’s volume up and wait, just like with your real-life radio.

This isn’t the first time that All Time Low have translated one of their songs into Simlish, either. In 2011, “Time Bomb” was featured on The Sims 3: Generations and even had a spot in the game’s trailer. The band also promoted it on their Twitter.

The Sims games have featured Simlish covers of popular songs since Sims 2. We might have been too busy drowning our Sims in their own swimming pools to notice, though.

Other artists featured on the latest Sims installment include Tegan And Sara, the Knocks, Grouplove, Echosmith, New Politics and more.

Artists featured on previous games include Good Charlotte, 3OH!3, the Flaming Lips, Patrick Stump and My Chemical Romance.

While “Good Times” is featured on the original edition of The Sims 4, other songs were only heard on certain expansion packs. For example, 3OH!3’s Simlish rendition of “Double Vision” and My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na” is only available on the Late Night expansion pack for The Sims 3.

Thankfully, the internet exists, and most of the Simlish covers have been posted online for fans to enjoy. Dedicated fans have even provided translations online so you can sing along to your favorite bands in Simlish. Yibs (Awesome)!