It’s nearly May, which means the next issue of Alternative Press is here. We’re ecstatic to present our new issue (#406) with cover star PinkPantheress. Check out a preview of the story below.

Alongside PinkPantheress, a number of talented creatives appear within the pages of our May issue. That roster includes Uffie, Mothica, Post Animal, Silverstein and Halestorm, among many others.

PinkPantheress cover story

Over the past year, PinkPantheress has gone from obscuring her face in 10-second TikTok clips to releasing one of the most talked-about releases of 2021. And PinkPantheress continues to justify the hype, most recently on a collab with WILLOW called “Where you are.” It's surely a sign of greater things to come. 

But before PinkPantheress was a viral sensation, she was, and still is, like many of her fans: obsessing over her favorite bands. In the cover story, the 20-year-old musician professes her love for emo music, particularly the theatrics of its heart-on-sleeve lyricism. 

“[They're] not even necessarily as lyrics I can deeply relate to, but they’re just so theatrical and camp and over the top that I thought it was crazy,” she says. “That’s something I think I love about the genre. It’s never just, ‘I’m having a bad day’ — it’s, ‘I’m gonna dieeeee!’ I love it so much. The passion that they’re exuding, you don’t really get in pop. In emo, it was always something different.”