Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tag: Lil Nas X

travis barker

Travis Barker is teaming up with viral “Old Town Road” rapper Lil Nas X

Despite blink-182 getting busy with their upcoming Enema anniversary tour and eighth studio album, drummer Travis Barker shows no signs of slowing down with...
jared leto 30 seconds to mars

Jared Leto severed head returns for “Old Town Road” jam session

"Old Town Road" has taken over as one of the hottest songs of the year, but Jared Leto has shared the creepiest clip involving the song. The...
post malone

Post Malone talks blurred genre lines amid Lil Nas X, country fan backlash

Post Malone has taken a moment to defend rapper Lil Nas X from online hate. Lil Nas X has faced a lot of backlash...
brendon urie taylor swift me video

Taylor Swift, Brendon Urie collab loses top spot to U.K. rapper

Taylor Swift landed a smash hit with her Brandon Urie collab "ME!" but the song's success was overshadowed in the U.K. British Rapper Stormzy beat out Swift...
Crown the empire, news recap

Crown The Empire give “Old Town Road” an acoustic spin

In peak 2019 fashion, Crown The Empire have covered Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” that you’ll just have to see to believe. The...
trent reznor nine inch nails

Nine Inch Nails sample helped bring viral “Old Town Road” to life

If you've been bopping your head to Lil Nas X's hit song "Old Town Road," you may have been unknowingly getting down to a...