We're still recovering from the ups and downs of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, but that doesn't mean the show's creator isn't already planning what's next for the show.

In fact, showrunner Ryan Murphy is already making plans for the show's ninth and tenth seasons. While those secrets are being locked away, he's teased the return of some pretty major characters for one of those seasons.

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Following the Murder House and Coven crossover of our dreams, Murphy has teased that the show's latest season didn't mark the last time we'll be seeing Miss Robichaux’s Academy's witches.

Yesterday, Dec. 4, he spoke with Entertainment Tonight during his Walk of Fame ceremony. Speaking with the source, Murphy teased that the Coven witches will be back eventually, just not next season.

“The witches will be back,” he revealed to Entertainment Tonight.  “Not next season, though, but we have something really fun planned.”

We're seriously excited to see the witches return, especially after this last season where all of our faves seemingly made a comeback to the show, including the once-done Jessica Lange.

Without going into any spoilers, we're not entirely sure which witches will make a comeback, but if this past season is any indictation, death doesn't seem to be a problem.

In any case, we'll be counting down the days of American Horror Story's ninth season.

Are you excited for the witches return? Who else would you like to see come back to the show? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below!

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