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10 most disturbing American Horror Story episodes ever, ranked

From Murder House to Freak Show, see which ones made the cut.

10 best American Horror Story characters ever, ranked

With season 12 on the way, we ranked the best characters from the show’s run.

Why the whores of horror are the best characters

From cult classics like Jennifer’s Body to new-gen shows like Scream Queens, don’t underestimate the airhead bimbo. Here’s why they run horror movies.

10 of Julia Wolf's favorite spooky songs, from Paramore to John Williams

Julia Wolf is a connoisseur of all things scary. From Paramore to John Williams, here are her 10 favorite songs to get in the Halloween spirit.

Sarah Paulson to play creepy cult leader Gwen Shamblin, the Smashing Pumpkins drop new single “Beguiled” and more

The latest, from Sarah Paulson to the Smashing Pumpkins and more. This is our daily download of the essential news you need to know across music, culture and style.

15 iconic music video locations you can visit in real life

Ever wonder where your favorite artist filmed that one music video? While the answer is probably some private set in Los Angeles, a handful of music videos were actually filmed in public locations. With the weather warming and in-person concerts still on hold, why not support your favorite artists by visiting the sets of their […]

10 ‘American Horror Story’ quotes that would also work as emo song titles

After over a year spent speculating what it may bring for us, we’re finally getting news on the 10th installment of American Horror Story. As confirmed by Ryan Murphy, the next season is titled Double Feature and will follow two storylines, “One by the sea, one by the sand…” If the Instagram announcement gave you some weird “You Be […]

Evan Peters will play serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in new Ryan Murphy series

Get ready American Horror Story fans because Evan Peters and Ryan Murphy are teaming up for a chilling new show. According to Deadline, Peters is starring in the Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story as the infamous serial killer. The latest project from Murphy is also set to star Niecy Nash, Richard Jenkins, Penelope Ann […]

10 musicians who are shaping the underground scene on SoundCloud

You may discover these artists listed in movements ranging anywhere from trap and emo rap to hyperpop, hexD/surge and glitchcore. But we recognize a scene kid when we see one. Check out these artists who are changing the game in SoundCloud’s trap/emo-rap underground by throwing it back to the 2000s Myspace era in unique and […]

The haunting first look at 'American Horror Stories' is finally here—watch

In case you didn’t already know, Ryan Murphy has an American Horror Story spin-off series called American Horror Stories in the works. Now, AHS and horror fans are getting their first look at the upcoming series in a haunting new teaser. Read more: Grimes just released new music, but fans can’t hear it yet—here’s why While […]

'American Horror Story' season 10 may remind fans of this classic storyline

With each passing day, American Horror Story fans are closer to finally seeing season 10. Now, Lily Rabe has revealed that filming for the upcoming season reminds her of a particular fan-favorite storyline from years ago. Read more: Lil Uzi Vert just teased his Travis Scott collab in the most Uzi way ever After facing […]

Did these clues just reveal 'American Horror Story' season 10's theme?

For months now, there’s been speculation about what season 10 of American Horror Story will be about. Now, it looks like the theme for the upcoming season may have just been revealed. Read more: Hayley Williams just responded to one of those clues about her new music There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the forthcoming […]

See how 'AHS' star Emma Roberts confirmed the name of her first child

Back in December, reports emerged that American Horror Story star Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund had welcomed their first child together. Now, Roberts has shared the first photo of her newborn baby. As well, we finally know what name the couple has chosen for their son. Read more: These limited edition Vans are the ultimate […]

Here's what 'AHS' star Emma Roberts has reportedly named her first child

American Horror Story and Scream Queens star Emma Roberts has reportedly welcomed her first child with Garrett Hedlund. Now, the name of the baby boy has reportedly been revealed. Read more: Are Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge teasing something for Box Car Racer? Back in August, Emma Roberts confirmed she was expecting her first child […]

11 unforgettable music moments in ‘American Horror Story’

American Horror Story has used incidental music to great effect over its nine-year history, creating some truly unforgettable moments with a touch of songs both familiar and unusual. From characters covering classics to obscure melodies warning when danger is coming, music is never far from an important scene. We know you’re bingeing all nine seasons […]

Here are 10 pop culture collabs we need to see Vans do next

Vans has done amazing, out-of-this-world collaborations to bring fresh designs to shoe lovers and punks everywhere. The company has incorporated NASA and National Geographic all the way to The Simpsons into its brand. These limited-edition collabs are cute and fun, and they often go for a lot of money on eBay if you keep them […]

It looks like ‘American Horror Stories’ is full of some familiar ‘AHS’ faces

Ryan Murphy is certainly having a busy week. After unveiling the official poster for American Horror Story season 10, he’s now offering the first look at the spin-off series American Horror Stories. On Thursday, Murphy revealed the AHS spin-off’s official poster and teased that the series will include plenty of familiar faces. Read more: Watch […]

Ryan Murphy just squashed this ‘American Horror Story’ season 10 theory

After months of speculation, we are finally a little bit closer to knowing what the theme for American Horror Story season 10 is. This week, Ryan Murphy unveiled a new season 10 clue that may look familiar to some of you. Before you go getting any ideas, however, Murphy already put an end to this […]

10 TV shows you should watch while waiting for ‘You’ to return

We’re trying to be patient, but we just cannot wait for Netflix to release the third season of You.  In January, a third season was confirmed, and the streaming service teased its arrival in 2020. However, due to coronavirus shutting down production, Netflix revealed a new poster in July with Joe Goldberg, stating that season […]

Here’s how you could stay at the ‘American Horror Story’ Murder House

It’s been a long time since American Horror Story‘s first season premiered on FX. However, the Murder House and the events that took place on the property are still fresh in many of our minds. Now, the infamous home is opening its doors to the public for the first time ever for Halloween 2020. Read […]

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