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13 things we can’t wait to see in ‘American Satan’ spinoff ‘Paradise City’

Three years after the release of American Satan, the movie that brought rock and the devil together featuring Black Veil BridesAndy Biersack and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria, its spinoff television series Paradise City is almost ready to hit our TV screens. Continuing the dramatic tales of the fictional band the Relentless who get caught up in a world of evil and sin, the new eight-part series delves into the characters’ individual stories while creating new groups to follow as they brave life in L.A.

We’re hanging on the edge of our seats for release day. But armed with the intriguing details Biersack and Bruce gave us in May, we’ve got a few ideas of what to expect from the new series. From the much-anticipated cast additions to predicting the devil’s form this time around, here’s everything we know so far.

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One of Cameron Boyce’s final roles

Before his tragic passing at the age of 20, Paradise City was one of Cameron Boyce’s final screen roles. Boyce’s character Simon is an integral part of the spinoff series and is featured in every episode. As a young musician, he rises through the industry ranks to build his band’s legacy, getting somewhat entangled with black magic along the way. While this band’s story runs alongside that of American Satan’s the Relentless, Biersack notes that their plots run separately. The Paradise City Instagram account recently announced a move to honor Boyce’s memory. They’ll be donating a portion of the season’s proceeds to the Cameron Boyce Foundation, a charity aiming to reduce gun violence and seek cures for epilepsy.

Leo’s huge plot twist and more Vic Lakota

We left Bruce’s character Leo Donovan in a desperate situation at American Satan’s end after his best friend Ricky died. Bruce teased a huge plot twist coming for Leo through Paradise City that will shake up his storyline even further. Judging by the series trailer, Twilight saga actor Booboo Stewart’s character Vic Lakota gets involved, too. And the more Vic content we get this time around, the better! Bruce noted he suggested a potential twist to Sumerian Records mastermind and writer Ash Avildsen. He pitched that Leo could struggle with his mental health as he starts to see his deceased friend, but this idea didn’t make the series. If we get a second season, this would definitely be on our wanted list.

Bella Thorne as the new Lily

We already fell in love with sassy Relentless bassist Lily Mayflower in the movie via actress Jesse Sullivan, and we’re stoked to see Bella Thorne take on the role for Paradise City. Thorne is quite familiar with musical endeavors. She started on Disney’s Shake It Up with Zendaya and worked on Midnight Sun’s soundtrack in which she also starred. Plus, her debut album, What Do You See Now?, is due for release this year. If the Paradise City trailer’s anything to go by, the emotional depth and sass Thorne’s portrayal brings to the crew is bound to shake up this spinoff series.

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If the Johnny/Gretchen/Lily love triangle continues

Let’s face it: Johnny Faust’s relationship with childhood sweetheart Gretchen (played by Olivia Culpo) is never truly steady as long as his band and bassist Lily Mayflower are concerned. The first thing we spotted in the Paradise City teaser trailer is that Johnny inevitably gets close to Lily again in the new series, raking up the drama and their intense chemistry from American Satan all over again. Will Johnny and Gretchen go the distance? We’re probably holding onto false hope that the cute couple will get the happy ending they deserve this time.

Asking Alexandria’s James Cassells steps in

The Black Veil Brides/Asking Alexandria band members ratio for Paradise City has been tipped with the addition of AA’s James Cassells as the Relentless drummer Dylan James. Brought to our attention by actor Sebastian Gregory in American Satan, Cassells inherits the silver-tongued role alongside his bandmate Bruce. Adding another musician turned actor to the cast will bring an interesting dynamic to both Paradise City and the portrayal of the fictional band’s live performances. It also gives us a great chance to see Bruce and Cassells’ famous chemistry onscreen.

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Which form the devil will take this time

American Satan focuses on the devil’s work through many human forms, primarily that of Malcolm McDowell’s character Mr. Capricorn. When we left the Relentless at the end of the movie, it’s suggested Satan has taken a new guise as a powerful lawyer coming to help Johnny Faust escape prison. By that measure, it should be difficult to predict the devil’s next move throughout the Paradise City series… at least, if it weren’t for one character’s name. New cast addition Brooke Lyons plays a role known as Capricorn. Does this simple credit (and Lyons’ own Instagram caption) suggest that Satan could be a woman after all?

Kellin Quinn’s first acting role

You read that right: Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn is finally stepping into a serious acting role. Credited as Ralphie for two episodes of the series, Quinn features very briefly in the preview trailer. He’s keeping us all guessing how his character weaves into the Relentless’ story or if he even crosses their paths. If his role is anything like his parts in SWS music videos, we’re totally on board.

Another brilliant soundtrack

American Satan’s soundtrack still absolutely rips, so our hopes for the songs that accompany Paradise City are pretty high. Like the film, Biersack’s character Johnny Faust sings along to the voice of Palaye Royale’s Remington Leith. It effectively using the fictional band the Relentless as an umbrella for Palaye Royale’s musical output. Their new song “Tonight Is The Night I Die,” from their album The Bastards, features in the teaser trailer. We’re expecting to hear more of this fresh material (and keeping our fingers crossed for an on-screen cameo from Leith). Let’s face it: The road to the Relentless’ first album throughout the movie was a bit dramatic. Can they get around to a lethal sophomore record with all lives and remaining dignities intact?

Juliet Simms

From the moment Paradise City confirmed Juliet Simms would be joining the all-star cast alongside her off-screen husband Biersack, we all collectively lost our minds. Simms stars in two episodes of the series with her fictional band The Mavens, played by StarbendersKimi Shelter and Emily Moon, plus YouTube star Paige Hathaway. Although Biersack confirms that his plotline doesn’t cross with Simms’ character, whose name we don’t know just yet, it’s enough for us to see the two on the same show.

A new metal band with… Randy Blythe?

Yeah, we’re shocked, too. A very brief glimpse of Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe confirms we’ll be seeing him in five episodes. Judging by the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot we’re given in the teaser, Blythe’s character Dom has a conflict with his fictional group Over It All bandmate Pauly, played by Lorenzo Antonucci from Sworn Enemy. We don’t know what we did to deserve such an epic metal confrontation, but we’re definitely here to watch it unfold in spectacular fashion.

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Unexpected appearances

The cast list reads like a who’s who of present-day rock and metal stars daring to step into acting. We’re anticipating cameos from Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss and Animals As LeadersJavier Reyes. Paradise City also welcomes WWE star Eva Marie into the fold as Jade, featured in the teaser Lily’s love interest. Rapper Hopsin is also stepping up for the archangel Gabriel role from American Satan, and his portrayal already looks awesome. We can’t wait.

Vivian Thomas’ baby

In the Paradise City teaser, we discover Amanda Steele joins the cast as Vivian Thomas. Her troubled character is shown struggling to raise a baby surrounded by dangers lurking around every neon-bathed corner. The Thomas family appears to be an integral part of Paradise City, including The Craft’s Fairuza Balk cast as Lizzie. But we’ll have to wait and see how their characters tie in with the roles we know from American Satan. How will the series tackle the subject of a young character raising a child in the dangerous environment we’ve seen the Relentless struggle through?

Sons Of Anarchy takeover

If you’re still wondering where you’ve seen Akkadian Records manager Elias before, cast your mind back to actor Mark Boone Jr.’s role as Bobby Elvis Munson from Sons Of Anarchy. Luckily for viewers, two of his SOA castmates are joining the team in Paradise City to bring even more dramatic chaos to the party. Wendy Case actress Drea de Matteo joins the ranks as Maya for all eight episodes, while Ryan Hurst, better known as SOA’s beloved Opie Winston, features as Oliver for three episodes. We’ll have to wait until release day to see how these characters weave into the complicated web of this spinoff series, but we already know it’ll be explosive.