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See photos of Thursday, AFI and Lil Peep before their mainstream success

Jonathan Weiner never set out to be a professional photographer. Picking up a camera for the first time as a teenager was, initially, simply a way to hang out with his friends and, crucially, get the best view possible not afforded to those onstage at the gigs he was frequenting as many as five times […]

15 alternative songs you may have missed in your favorite TV shows

Television is a great way to find new music and rediscover old songs. When artists are featured on TV show soundtracks, they are able to dive into a different medium. This grants them access to a whole new audience. With shows ranging from flirty rom-coms to haunting thrillers and everything in between, there are many […]

10 times My Chemical Romance members collaborated outside of the band

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a creative collective as tight-knit as My Chemical Romance. Even when they’re not all in the studio together, they seem to find a way to be, well, in the studio together… Last week, Mikey Way debuted a new single from Electric Century, his side project with David Debiak, ahead of their forthcoming album. […]

Andy Biersack reveals the moments in his book that were hard to revisit

Writing an autobiography detailing the highs and lows of a rising rock star, from the days of living in a car to touring the world and writing life-changing albums, is one thing; reading it all aloud for an audiobook is another. Andy Biersack, the creative mastermind behind Black Veil Brides and Andy Black, accepted the […]

You can hear Andy Biersack read his autobiography to you—here's how

Back in December, Black Veil Brides frontman and Paradise City star Andy Biersack released his new autobiography They Don’t Need To Understand. Now, fans can personally hear Biersack read the gripping memoir to them thanks to a new audiobook. Read more: Tom Holland squashed a ‘Spider-Man 3’ rumor, but fans aren’t convinced This past year […]

Here are the top 50 ‘Punk Goes Pop’ covers of all time

Fearless Records’ famous Punk Goes… franchise has certainly come a long way since its first installment in 2000. Genre discrepancies aside, it’s impossible to deny the success of one particular subseries: the Punk Goes Pop albums. There are now seven volumes, with speculation of an eighth floating around online. Of course, as with any expansive […]

Rock musicians react to pro-Trump supporters taking over Capitol Hill

What was supposed to be a peaceful transition of power this morning in Washington D.C. was anything but. Ahead of the Electoral College certification process, lame-duck President Donald Trump held a “Stop The Steal” rally where he fanned the flames of allegations of a fraudulent election. These Trump supporters, white supremacist groups and militia groups, […]

Find out which song sums up your 2021 resolution based on your zodiac sign

After the hell of a year we’ve all collectively had, it’s fair to say that we’re really looking forward to 2021. And not just for new song releases. 2020 has taught us a lot. And it made us reflect on what’s important in life and how we want to live after the coronavirus pandemic gets […]

10 musicians who should have their own makeup lines

When My Chemical Romance launched their own makeup palette, a collaboration with HipDot, in December, the cosmetic sets sold out in mere minutes. With MCR fans craving connection with their favorite band and ready to try out new looks after being stuck in quarantine, this palette honoring Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge comes as no […]

50 most anticipated albums of 2021 in alternative, metal and beyond

This year’s biggest lesson for most of us has been to expect the unexpected. While that mainly went for life itself, it certainly also applied to music. But still, there’s a lot to look forward to in the most anticipated albums of 2021.  2020 saw plenty of surprise drops and album release-date pushbacks. So, really, […]

QUIZ: Is this a Black Veil Brides or Andy Black solo lyric?

Vocalist, actor, writer and Cincinnati native Andy Biersack goes by many names. He appeared as Andy Six when first fronting Black Veil Brides and releases solo music as Andy Black.  No matter where or who he’s performing with, he puts on a phenomenal show with deep messages and smooth vocals. Undoubtedly, we are stoked to […]

Here’s how Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack met before Warped Tour

There’s no denying that Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack have the most mesmerizing relationship in alternative rock. We’ve all heard the famous story: Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack met on Vans Warped Tour and fell in love before tying the knot in April 2016. And while Warped Tour romances are nothing to stick your nose […]

Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack know how to dominate together and apart

For roughly a decade, Juliet Simms and Andy Biersack have dominated as the sweethearts of our corner of the music community. After meeting and falling in love on Vans Warped Tour, or so we thought, Simms and Biersack share an undeniable connection not only as artists but as soulmates. “It’s like our souls are entangled,” […]

QUIZ: Is this a lyric from My Chemical Romance or a member’s project?

2020 was supposed to be the year of My Chemical Romance. Unfortunately, coronavirus has forced the band to postpone their reunion tour shows. This is especially devastating because many fans waited seven years for MCR to return to the stage just to have to see those live show dates get rescheduled for next year. While […]

Andy Biersack’s memoir ‘They Don’t Need To Understand’ is on its way

Black Veil Brides fans are getting a closer look into the life of Andy Biersack. On Friday, the frontman announced his forthcoming memoir They Don’t Need To Understand. Written alongside Ryan J. Downey, Biersack opens up about his family, life and career in the new memoir. Read more: Fyre Festival and blink-182’s ongoing lawsuit is […]

13 things we can’t wait to see in ‘American Satan’ spinoff ‘Paradise City’

Three years after the release of American Satan, the movie that brought rock and the devil together featuring Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria, its spinoff television series Paradise City is almost ready to hit our TV screens. Continuing the dramatic tales of the fictional band the Relentless who get […]

There’s another big twist for Andy Biersack’s character in ‘Paradise City’

It seems that every American Satan, Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria fan is eagerly anticipating the soon-to-be-announced release date of the film’s spinoff series, Paradise City. After American Satan made its silver screen debut in 2017, Sumerian Records and Films CEO Ash Avildsen quickly began working on the follow-up to the film. Following the […]

These are the stories that made Black Veil Brides the force they are today

Andy Biersack, Black Veil Brides’ founding frontman, has always wanted to be on the cover of Alternative Press. When he was a brash young rocker in southern Ohio, his bedroom walls and ceiling were covered with photos from the pages of our magazine. Approximately 16 years later, you know what happened next. Biersack appeared on […]

QUIZ: Which Black Veil Brides era are you?

Black Veil Brides are versed in rebirth, reincarnation and reinvention—after 14 iconic years together, both their sound and look have matured and developed a new personality with every one of their five timeless records. In celebration of their debut effort, We Stitch These Wounds, reaching its 10th anniversary this year and their re-recording of the […]

See the new cover art for Black Veil Brides’ debut album re-recording

It looks like BVB fans have another thing to celebrate on International Black Veil Brides Day this year. The fan-sanctioned holiday brings together the community each year on the anniversary of the release of their first music video for “Knives And Pens.” This year, however, the band have unveiled the artwork for the highly anticipated […]
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