Are you stuck for Halloween costume ideas this year? Take out your iPhone and ask Siri, "What should I be for Halloween?"

Chances are some of the Apple virtual assistant's replies will tickle your funny bone. We don't want to spoil the party, but — as pointed out by Bustle — Siri's answers range in hilarity from offering "Plankton" as a possible outfit, to lobbing the following directive: "Put on a pointy little hat, and go as a circumflex."

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Try it out; let us know what response you get in the comments. Keep in mind, some of Siri's ideas are tech-related puns, such as the quip, "You could put on surgeon scrubs, hold some instruments, and tell people you're an 'operating system.'"

Below, watch the news team at KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City ask Siri what they should be for Halloween in a video from last year's spooky holiday. (The clip has exactly 666 views on YouTube as of this writing, so you know it's legit.)

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