Indie-pop duo Astro Lasso have been playing shows for a mere month. Their first gig was the first show of the We The Kings 10-year anniversary tour.

APTV correspondent Nick Major spoke with Astro Lasso frontman Jordan Davis about the band's all-guns-blazing approach from revealing the project to immediately hitting the road and dropping an EP.

“We wanted to come up with a project [in which] we kind of planned it all, recorded it all—before we said anything about it,” Davis says.

As for what it was like performing their first ever show in front of hundreds of new faces? “It might not have been the best call… because we were super nervous and it was this moment where we realized maybe we should have done a local show [first].”

Watch the full video-interview to see what Davis had to say about his musical past, Astro Lasso's debut EP, their future plans and more!

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