Jake and JB of the metalcore juggernauts August Burns Red visited the offices of Alternative Press.

Press to crack us up once again with their razor-sharp wit and charming rapport. This time, the ABR boys talked about their desire to jump into the hottest rap feud of 2018 and cast their bandmates into the August Burns Red movie. You’ll never believe which “Sunny” celebrity Brubaker thinks is the perfect actor to play Jake Luhrs in this APTV exclusive.

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August Burns Red vocalist Jake Luhrs’ life isn’t something you’d define as “charmed,” but it’s filled with teachable moments and personal gratification through sweat equity. And plenty of big laughs, as well.

On this episode of the Backstage podcast, Luhrs regales Mike Shea with stories of growing up as a child of divorce, as well as the series of jobs he had since age 13. In addition to navigating both impoverished and posh school systems, the young Luhrs dealt with annoying bosses at restaurants while pulling off side hustles that included reselling everything from individual pieces of Trident gum (only 25 cents), cheap mall kiosk necklaces and (wait for it) his friend’s father’s porn mags.

“I worked so many jobs,” the vocalist says. “I was starting bands as such; I was working two jobs every summer. I was working at Cicis Pizza. That was a nightmare. They had me working at the oven. So I had to move the pizzas off the oven and cut them up real quick, right? It would be 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and people would be coming in for dinner. This oven was shooting out, like, 15 pizzas, and I couldn’t catch them and cut them up fast enough, so all the pizzas are coming out of the oven and falling on the ground. So that didn’t work out,” he says laughing before resigning that “I’m not good at anything other than screaming at people.”