Goth rock demonic-darlings New Years Day may revel in gloom, doom and all things generally spooky, but they want to make one thing perfectly clear: they’re actually very happy.

In this APTV exclusive, NYD explain why fans should never fear meeting them, choose between classic albums by the Used and My Chemical Romance and give us a preview of what to expect as a follow up to their latest single, “Skeletons.”

New Years Day also discuss their signature haunting styles for when they become ghosts. Plus, don’t miss what they did during a night spent in a cemetery that you’ll never guess.

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New Years Day released previous LP Malevolence three years ago, so naturally fans are getting antsy. In November’s debut of “Skeletons” from the band’s yet-to-be-titled album due out this spring, we see a brand-new NYD, one who mix almost mechanically heavy riffs with free-spirited pop.

Is it what we’ve come to expect from our favorite Creeps? No. But perhaps the band are on the horizon of something altogether new and even better than before. The song definitely feels unexpected, which is precisely what Ash Costello was hoping to attain.

“That’s what I wanted to go for,” she says. “I love heavy riffs. I love headbanging. I love jumping. I love heavy riffage, but I just felt like what New Years Day never had was sing-along, fun chorus with a cool tag. It was always more about “how can I say my feelings in the chorus?” Who cares what the melody is, and if it has a hook or a tagline, but for this record, I was like, “OK, I care now.” [Laughs.] I just wanted it to be enjoyable. I’m not as mad making this record as I was the last one.”