Palaye Royale are set to blow minds and shatter all expectations with Boom Boom Room Side B. But before you deep dive into the brothers Palaye’s sophomore triumph, find out which song they’re most excited for you to hear and the story behind “PATIENT X.”

Palaye Royale also relive their best Corey Taylor moments while they toured with rock royalty Stone Sour and admitted which band they’re dying to be friends with in this APTV exclusive.

You can stream the band’s latest single “Teenage Heartbreak Queen” now, a song that gives a twist to the classic heartbreak troupe.

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The band talked their upcoming record Boom Boom Boom (Side B) earlier this year. They talked about what it was like to shoot the album cover under water.

Plus, they talked exclusive details of their upcoming tour, Final Boom Tour. Including the fact that the tour will be fans last chance to see songs off both Side A and Side B played live.

The Final Boom Tour is currently running now through Dec. 2 and Boom Boom Boom (Side B) their copy now comes out Sept. 28 via Sumerian Records.