Join APTV Correspondent Nick Major as he attends the Used's record release show, hosted at Amoeba record store. 

Nick got to talk to plenty of attendees, including All Time Low's Jack Barakat, who says his band was hugely influenced by the Used. “One of the reasons we went with John Feldmann on Future Hearts was because of the Used,” he says.

Also in attendance was Miss May I's Levi Benton. “They're one of my favorite bands, literally top five,” he says. “They're the first band I heard that screamed.”

However, their performance didn't involve screaming at Amoeba; the Used's latest album is Live And Acoustic At The Palace; in the video, you can hear them perform an acoustic version of “The Bird And The Worm.”

“It just seems like the right time for us to do it,” says the Used bassist Jeph Howard. “The vibe was just as important as the actual songs.”

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Host/Editor/Director: Nick Major
Videographer: Geoff Major