Welcome to part one of our MI Conversation with Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides, Andy Black) and John Feldmann (producer: The Used, Andy Black, All Time Low)! 

APTV host Ryan J. Downey guides us through the history of the artists' meeting—or, rather, the first time Feldmann saw Biersack from afar at a Black Veil Brides show.

“The first time I saw you was at the Whiskey,” Feldmann explains. “I was on the balcony waiting, and from what I remember, like three massive security guards pushed me out of the way and were like, 'Andy Biersack is about to go down these stairs.'

“I'm like, 'Who the fuck is Andy Biersack?'”

While it was an unfortunate first encounter, Feldmann concedes that when he saw Biersack take the stage that night, he immediately felt he was a star.

Biersack, whose new solo album under the moniker “Andy Black” was produced by Feldmann, also gushes over the producer's star-power. 

“Any of the artist who've worked with John always speak emphatically about how comfortable he makes you, and how free you feel to explore and do different things and how much his ability to write songs and to know what's a great song will help you in terms of your decision-making about what the record's going to sound like or what the record's going to be.”

Among the things that Andy learned from Feldmann was a crucial one, which ends with this important message: “Don't get drunk, every body! Sound better!” 

Hear the stories for yourself in this hilarious conversation!

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