Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. In Dreamers' retro-horror clip for “Wolves,” some unfortunate and not-so-friendly patrons of a small town bar didn't know their neighbors well enough for their own good. 

“'Wolves' is a song about how people can bring you up, bring you down or generally affect you, especially if you care about them,” the band told us. “One of our biggest influences is David Lynch, and this video is our tribute to the romantic small-town world of Twin Peaks.  It was an absolute blast to film, but beware; it's a freakish tale and it includes violence, romance and death.  Remember, kids: If you lie down with wolves, you learn to howl.”

“Wolves” is the first single from Dreamers' upcoming album This Album Does Not Exist, which is out November 18.