British groove-rock merchants Don Broco are about to go into self-imposed exile in order to write and record the follow-up to their 2018 slap-fest, Technology

But before they hermetically seal themselves into a clandestine writing chamber to hash out a batch of jams that will destroy our foot arches, we decided to play the members of Don Broco some of our current favorite tracks for inspiration, entertainment and (of course) to get their reaction.

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During the band’s recent U.S. tour stop in Cleveland, the Bro’ co. stopped by the APTV studios to visit, chill and discuss what kind of music they were currently digging. Which gave us the idea of wondering what they thought about some of the stuff we were listening to in the office. We take their opinions seriously: These guys launched one of the best high-kicking jams of the year on “ACTION.” And if you’ve ever seen Don Broco live, you know what they are doing is all kinds of solid.

Don Broco bassist Tom Doyle was ready for the experiment and was downright stoked to get ready. “Everything is like a blank canvas when I listen to something,” he says. “I have no expectations from it.”

The Broco boys gave some of the new songs by Green Day, YUNGBLUD and Sleeping With Sirens a listen and, like all of us, were completely shocked that what they were hearing was, in fact, a new Green Day song. Will the band be adding “Father Of All…” to their Spotify playlists immediately? Did “Agree To Disagree” agree or disagree with them like eating two-day-old sushi for lunch? Will they be listening to the new YUNGBLUD track ever again? All will be revealed when Don Broco react to the new tracks.