“How well do you know your bandmates?” with Tiny Moving Parts

April 25, 2016
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The members of Tiny Moving Parts see how well they know each other in this APTV special.

Each bandmate has to guess what the other bandmate answers to different questions. Though they get a few answers right, it turns out they don't know everything about each other.

When asked what each bandmate plays while in control over their tour van's music, drummer Billy Chevalier didn't know that singer Dylan Mattheisen enjoys the Alvin And The Chipmunks CD. However, Dylan knew that Billy's CD of choice was Run For Cover Records' 2012 Sampler. “We had the one CD in the van, and it just played on the whole tour,” says Billy.

Later, bassist Matt Chevalier and Billy both guess each other's go-to gas station food favorites, and they both had the same answer, which was Sheetz. That's not the only thing the bandmates had in common; they also agreed that their favorite movie is No Country For Old Men.

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Written by AltPress