Ever wondered what the world would be like if State Champs ruled it?

In this episode of APTV's “If I Ruled The World…,” Tyler Szalkowski and Derek Discanio of State Champs answer important questions about how they'd take charge.

Instead of going by the titles “president” or “king,” Szalkowski and Discanio preferred more intense titles, like “dark lord” or “messiah.” When asked who they'd choose to have as a running mate or vice president, they went through a few options including Kevin Spacey, Will Smith and Dave Grohl. Discanio was a big fan of Bryan Cranston, while Szalkowski thought Justin Bieber might be a good choice. “Kid knows how to have a good time,” he says.

When it came to what sort of things they'd ban, Szalkowski suggested puppy mills and pet stores. “I'm not vegan or vegetarian or on a soap box here, but I just think they're wrong,” he says.

Where would their palace be? “I'm a sucker for Australia, I love the weather there,” says Discanio.

See what else the duo thinks about ruling the world in this video!

Host/Videographer/Editor: Sophie K