You may recognize Ilan Rubin from his work in bands as Angels And Airwaves and Nine Inch Nails. He also slammed the drums on Paramore‘s self-titled record a few years back. Rubin has been making his own music under the name the New Regime since 2007, branching out from drums to become a respected multi-instrumentalist. Today, Rubin and percussionist/guitarist Rob Ketchum deliver a set of three songs from the New Regime’s latest album, Heart Mind Body & Soul.

This House Show was recorded and filmed in Rubin’s home studio. The New Regime were touring with Silversun Pickups, when the pandemic lockdown orders came through. Since then, Rubin has been focusing on promoting the new album and staying inspired.

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The original versions from the album are cinematic in scope, with electronic elements similar to NIN. When stripped down to basic guitar/percussion tracks, there’s still a measured urgency that comes through. On the piano-driven “It’s Gonna Be OK,” Rubin turns away from the camera to focus on piano. But the song still maintains its vibrancy, as Ketchum moves to guitar. “Heart Mind Body & Soul” is a total rave-up on the album. But in an acoustic format, the duo still maintain the energy of the original.

Early on, Rubin was a drumming prodigy who, at 12 years old, took instruction from Travis Barker. By the time he was 20, he had expanded his considerable proficiency on guitar, keyboard and cello. Although he’s Trent Reznor’s drummer of choice in NIN, he has a huge part in the musical direction of AVA. Heart Mind Body & Soul is a bracing collection of modern-rock tracks that go far to establish Rubin’s considerable talents. The metamorphosis from full volume to acoustic renderings offers two significant listening experiences. But both of them are truly, exclusively Ilan Rubin.